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Gas and Grocery Incentives – Stronger Than Ever!

Companies today are looking for a way to increase sales quickly. Incentives are one of the best ways to do this without having to lower your price and lose a lot of profit. Gas and Grocery vouchers are the best solution for this challenge.

In the past, travel incentives were the preferred incentive. With today’s economy, many people are unable to travel…even with the huge discount received with travel incentives. This is why gas and grocery incentives are more effective than ever! Everyone eats and most of us drive. Offering consumers up to $500 in gas and/or groceries for doing business with your company is like giving them money for something they are already doing so it is an easy choice.

Traditional advertising (print, radio, TV, direct mail), although essential in today’s competitive business environment, doesn’t guarantee customers will spend money with you. Gas & Grocery Rebate Certificates do!

Gas & Grocery Rebate Certificates are an ‘incentive-based’ catalyst that work in tandem with your existing advertising strategy to increase the number of customers who not only visit your business, but come in with open wallets. You decide what they need to do to get the incentive. They comply.

Super-charge your marketing efforts by giving customers an excellent reason to visit your business now. Offer them Gas or Grocery Rebate Certificates, redeemable for $100, $150, $300, or $500 of gas or grocery rebates as a reward for fulfilling the purchasing criteria you determine. (These certificates are now available in Spanish).

For more information visit or call 1-800-815-4270


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Gas and Grocery Headquarters Provides Companies with Legitimate Gas Rebate Certificates

Gas and Grocery Headquarters, the leading provider of gas and grocery rebate certificates, is looking to help companies that fell victim to a now defunct gas rebate program based in Largo, Florida. Many companies took part in the program under the assumption that the program was legitimate and now thousands of consumers have been left empty-handed after being promised up to $500 in gas rebates. While Gas and Grocery Headquarters has no affiliation with Tidewater Marketing, who used redemption sites such as and, many companies are now contacting them to purchase valid certificates to replace ones they previously issued to their customers.

Although they are unable to directly assist consumers or honor certificates issued by Tidewater Marketing, companies can purchase legitimate certificates from Gas and Grocery Headquarters that will be fulfilled and then issue those certificates to their clients who can register at “It’s an unfortunate situation,” said a spokesman from Gas and Grocery Headquarters, “but we can help companies resolve the situation without having to come up with the full value of the certificates themselves and lose money.”

But how easy is it to use this program? Online registration is completely free and certificates are available in English or Spanish and good in the U.S. and Canada. The company’s website contains a testimonials section that even displays photos of consumers who have received their rebate cards.  Additionally, there is no record of complaints with the Better Business Bureau, which attests to the company’s reliability.




For more information on Gas and Grocery Headquarters and their programs, visit them online at or call them toll-free at 1-800-815-4270. The sales office of Gas and Grocery Headquarters is located in Acworth, Georgia and the fulfillment center is located in Mesa, AZ.

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